Trident Lawnmowers have invested in the latest machinery to produce high quality machined metal parts. Offering our clients an in-house one stop precision machining workshop.

Metal machining / lathe work

Welding and fabrication services

Metal cutting



Our computer numerical control (CNC) lathe offers a wide array of production processes.  We can produce customised parts to suit your requirements. CNC lathes cut precise, accurate parts repeatedly and timely. 


Mild steel, stainless steel, copper brass and bronze, alloy steels, aluminium

Example of parts:

Pulleys, Sprockets, Shafts, bushes,


We offer manual lathe machining and turning services.  Our highly experienced team are able to carry out this work with accuracy and professionalism, ensuring an excellent standard of workmanship and quality on all our projects.  Manual lathes are better suited to low-level production.


Trident Lawnmowers offer quality welding and metal fabrication services for commercial, industrial and residential clients.  Our work spans a variety of different sectors, covering both small and large projects with fast turn-around times.


Cold saw services

Trident Lawnmowers offer cold saw metal cutting, which uses a machined circular saw blade that is both accurate and fast. These saws are suited for high volume, repeating applications with excellent reliability. 

Bandsaw services

Our horizontal bandsaw is capable of cutting many different types of materials including wood, metal, tile and plastic.  Customers have the option of both straight cuts and irregular ones.


Aluminium knob cutting

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